The world was meant to be better.

But looking around right now, we’re not convinced that it has. This is why HOPE 3G was created; a group of amazingly ambitious kids saw an opportunity to make the world a better place. Who are these kids? Our board of directors!

HOPE 3G is an organisation for children, that was created by children. Our directors are 12 young people between the ages of 8 and 16, who want to make a positive change in our world. They want to encourage everyone to laugh, smile and love a whole lot more.

2020 has been an unprecedented year for all of us, but especially for the children. Many children missed out on months of vital teaching because of the coronavirus pandemic, and this got our board of directors thinking.

What could our directors do to help the children in the UK? The younger generation have been more isolated than any before them and missed out on large chunks of their schooling. Having ex- perienced this first-hand, they realised that there are children around the world who lack access to basic education.

This is where HOPE 3G comes in - an innovative, immersive and most importantly incredibly fun app which teaches kids key skills such as reading and typing, whilst also encouraging them to play, laugh and enjoy their childhood.


All of our products include charitable initiatives. Our kids in charge were inspired to start this whole operation because they realised how lucky they were in comparison to so many children around the world - they just wanted to do something to try and help.

We believe that access to education is the foundation for achieving this dream, and this is where our play mats really shine. Interactive and playful; kids use our app to unlock the amazing educational content we’ve produced whilst having loads of fun.

But what about young people who don’t get the opportunity to go to school, or who are facing hardships every day? Our kids wanted to create a way for children all around the world to gain an education that is equally as valuable as the one they get in the UK. With the play mats AR technolo- gy, any space can become a classroom. This breaks down the barriers to education that stand in the way for so many children.

Our bedding sets are designed to comfort kids when they are at their most vulnerable – alone at night, in the dark. Ziggy appears as a friendly face, making sure kids get to sleep without fear. Then when morning time comes around, Ziggy is there to get the day going with laughter and fun. But we thought...why can’t we go a step further?

We will be donating our bedding sets to various children’s hospitals, because we don’t want any child to face the terrifying experience of hospitalisation alone. With Ziggy by their side, kids facing life changing illnesses have a friend in their time of need. They can also continue to learn and devel- op their skills through playing with Ziggy and our educational games. This means that no child in hospital misses out on any teaching, and receives the love and support they need.

We believe that fashion is the best way to express yourself. That’s why our board of directors enlisted the help of some top designers from around the world to create stylish clothing that also does some good for our world. Alongside an appearance from Ziggy, our clothing acts as a way for you to wear a cause that you truly believe in.

But that’s not all.

We will also have warehouses full of our products, this means we can easily and efficiently distribute clothing to homeless people or victims of disasters.

Our experience in disaster relief has taught us that clothing isn’t always a priority, with people who have lost everything being given ill-fitting, second-hand or discarded clothing. Being made to feel even worse because they have to make do with someone else’s castoffs. With HOPE’s wealth of ex- perience and resources, we can provide the victims of disasters with brand new and properly fitted clothing; boosting their confidence in light of such adversity.


At HOPE, we recognise that technology is always evolving, and we think education should be evolv- ing too. That’s why our app helps kids to read and type - because let’s be honest, we’re all using Google now to learn new things anyway. With HOPE’s help, kids can play entertaining educational games, whilst exploring their environment using cutting edge AR technology.

Augmented reality (AR) means that home learning can become fun learning, transforming the edu- cation experience. Unlike virtual reality, AR overlays engaging imagery and interactive technology onto the surrounding environment, encouraging kids to look up from their screens and take in the natural beauty that surrounds them. Our app is also totally free, because we want to make this re- source available worldwide. HOPE has no borders, and we think this is truly revolutionary.

To enhance the AR experience even further, we’ve been creating some incredible products which are the first of their kind! We have bedding sets, playmats and clothing, all of which come alive with the help of the HOPE 3G app. We believe that everyone’s lives could do with being a little brighter, and we think the stuff we’ve designed does just that.

The children behind HOPE 3G saw how more and more kids are spending their time behind a screen, and so they’ve come up with this amazing idea to help kids play more, laugh more and most importantly enjoy being kids.

How are they going to make this happen? Lets meet Ziggy, the first of our furry friends who guides kids through the app. Ziggy is a companion, a support and a partner in crime, there to keep kids company and help them learn. Ziggy can be found hiding in all of our products; all you need is a little imagination and HOPE’s app.


HOPE is a charity dedicated to helping those experiencing hardship. Founded in 2004 as a First Re- sponder Disaster Relief Agency, we have been operating for 16 years and have provided aid at sites of major disasters, helping thousands of people whose lives have been drastically transformed.

We provide basic necessities; search & rescue, evacuation, food & water, clothing and much needed support to the victims of humanitarian crises. We love the work we do, and strive to treat these vic- tims with the care and humility that they deserve.

Our child directors see the coronavirus pandemic as a new type of disaster, and wanted us to do our part to help children continue to thrive in the face of this unforeseen emergency. We believe the best way to achieve this is to provide free, fun and educational content to kids, allowing them to learn, play and most importantly enjoy being a kid.

This is only the beginning of HOPE’s journey. Giving back is something we are truly passionate about, and we hope to make a difference in the lives of people all around the world. We hope you stay tuned to see all the amazing ideas we’ve got planned. If you want to get involved, please get in contact with us at X. We would love to hear from you!